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Salvage Coffee | #gofordream

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Kawa. W naszym cyklu #gofordream będziemy wam polecać również najciekawsze i najbardziej klimatyczne kawiarnie na świecie. Zaczynamy od Sydney! Salvage Coffee to miejsce, w którym nie tylko napijecie się doskonałej kawy, ale również zakosztujecie kuchni, jaką serwuje się w nowoczesnym Sydney [zobacz naszą wyprawę].

Zasada obowiązuje jedna: ma być prosto, zdrowo i smacznie. Brunch w takim miejscu na pewno daje siłę na cały dzień. Odwiedzicie?

Espresso on Sussex Lane – Sydney CBD A regular early morning and day spot for many business regulars, Espresso on Sussex Lane purports the creativity and niche rabbit hole feeling of an inner city haunt. But this cafe brings the best of Newtown into the heart of the city, a mere 5 minute walk from Wynyard station. Finding Sussex Lane can be a bit of work for the first timer without Google Maps, but walking down the pedestrian only laneway feels like being transported into another city, with exposed brickwork and wooden shutters contrasting heavily against the exposed glass of the surrounding skyscrapers. The romanticised notion is continued upon entering the cafe with low ceilings creating a cosy atmosphere, belying the relatively amazing use of space. The impressive 3 foot tower of glass that is the Pour OverCold drip contraption seems excessive, but captures the magic of the "Down the Rabbit Hole" vibe of the joint. The cup was the regular Campos pale green, which isn't such a unique sight in the city, but rigidity and the D-dome lid provided an experience filled with utility and marginal enjoyment. I suppose the decision to use this cup may be something to do with the contract between the cafe and Campos, but I'd prefer to think it was a positive decision by the owner to really let the coffee speak on its own. Put simply, this was the most amazing use of (Sydney's staple) Campos that Coffee Critic Numero Tres has ever tasted. The use of the bean synced exquisitely with the Turkish brewing methods of the baristas. The bearded expert and his cronies teased out every flavour that Campos intended; this was a pure masterclass. I fully intend to become a regular, and the day the barista remembers my order there will be better than Christmas. Conclusion: A regular hotspot for the lawyer and financier alike. – 3 Takeaway cup: 3.9/5 Coffee: 4.5/5 Atmosphere: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.4/5 #coffee #caffeine #worldcoffeecritics #food #sydneyeats #sydneydrinks #sydneycoffee #morninggrind #commute #sydney #salvage #artarmon #flatwhite #elite #rolex #patek #sydneyfoodies #piccolo #breakfast #brunch #salvagecoffee #salvagespecialtycoffee #fairdinkum

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Salvage Coffee | #gofordream Biuro podróży Goforworld by Kuźniar

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